Bottle Conditioned

Our beers are all bottle conditioned, a process long considered the best way to produce superior bottled beer.

We prefer to keep the heart and soul in our ales. We do not filter or pasteurize them like most other breweries do today, we bottle-condition. What this means is that all the good stuff is kept in the beer when it is bottled. This includes a small amount of live yeast which allows the beer to continue fermenting as it conditions and matures, and produces a completely natural carbonation. The beer clears naturally, creating a thin layer of sediment which should be left in the bottle when pouring.

So, store the bottle upright, don’t shake it. Open and pour gently into a glass in one pour, leaving the sediment and a bit of beer in the bottle. Some drinkers like to add the sediment and are happy with a cloudy beer


Not filtering our beers gives them a much fuller feel and flavour, because the ‘body’ has not been stripped away. The ‘body’ contains protein from the malted barley and essential oils from the hops.

To taste these lovely flavours at their best, the beers should not be over chilled. A “chill haze” can develop around the protein in the beer if it is stored too cold. Although this only affects the appearance of the beer, it should be avoided as the beer does not look its best and its flavours will be suppressed.

Lighter beers – Pale Ale and Blonde – are best lightly chilled: 8–10°C

Darker beers – Bitter and Porter – are best at cellar temperature: 12–15°C