The Finest Ingredients

Pure and simple – the best beer comes from the best ingredients

Cornish Spring Water

Each brew starts with the beautifully sweet water drawn from our spring. It makes great brewing liquor and adds to the beers’ unique character.


Our organic malt comes from Warminster Maltings in Wiltshire, Britain’s oldest working floor maltings. Their hand crafted malts use the same tools and methods employed over 100 years ago.


We started growing hops in 2004 and began to use them after a 3 year conversion period. Initial trials of Fuggles and First Gold varieties showed Fuggles to be suited to the Cornish climate, but not the hybrid First Gold. After some terrible summers we now have a robust annual crop from about 100 plants, mainly Fuggles with a few Bramling Cross. These are harvested in the second half of August and dried in the brewery ‘hot box’. As they are in limited supply, we only add our Cornish hops as late/aromatic hops to maximize the individuality of their oils and resins in the beer.


For our Atlantic Gold and Lime, Chilli & Ginger pale ales, we add root ginger to the boil. We now grow this ourselves using a hotbed within a poly-tunnel. This gives the heat from above and below required for the tropical plant to grow, and with lots of watering, produces plump spicy tubers that haven’t crossed the globe to get to us.


The food matched beers of our Discovery Range all have added ingredients that combine with the beer and the matching dishes. We grow and harvest what we can for these, including the blackcurrants, elderflower and chillies.