Fish friendly beer

Both our bottled beer and our cask beer are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This is because we do not use isinglass to clear our beer. Isinglass is a fining agent used as a yeast flocculant to quickly remove the yeast from suspension.

It contains the swim-bladders of fish, traditionally sturgeon, but since they have reduced in numbers other species are now being used. We allow gravity to clear our beers, both in the bottle where the conditioning forms a layer of sediment at the bottom and in the cask.

To stop the processed fish from going off, isinglass also contains a lots of preservatives. However, it still considerably reduces the shelf life of cask beer.

Our casks will require longer to settle in the pub cellar if put up on stillage but this is compensated for by its longer shelf-life both before and after opening. It can also be overcome by the use of a Caskwidge which allows the beer to be taken from a vertical cask where the settling has already happened at the brewery.